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The first year has ended, what have we built, and what will we create?

For my business, family, and career it has been a very busy year. We are up to 2 children, 1 boy (Jace, almost 2) and 1 girl (Zoie, 3 Months). I've swapped careers 3 times, and think I have found a solid home for my daytime hours continuing on as a Project Manager.

For the business, we spent lots of money, made tons of mistakes, and are finally starting to see how we can become productive. We want to provide great products, both unique and batches, to everyone that supports us. The workflows have slowly but surely become more efficient, with the biggest hold up being me as this old dog just doesn't learn as quickly as he used to!

In terms of projects completed, we managed to finish: music studio with custom standing desk and oversized shelves, outdoor planter boxes with stringer light poles (although we use it to hold the porch cloth awning), Santa Cookie Tray (from Andy Bird Builds), and a garden bench.

The shop itself has grown by leaps and bounds in terms of tools. We started 2021 with a miter saw and jobsite table saw. Now we've gained (not gonna count all the hand / power tools) an AVID CNC Pro Series 5x10, Rigid Planer, Dust Collector, and Laguna Band Saw. This has added a huge bonus to creating products and hopefully this website will be full of items!

Now that we have entered into 2022, we will start trying to prioritize getting a little pay back from all of these expenses. At this point we have not made any profit, which was expected, so like a good Project Manager I've set several strict goals for myself: monetize Youtube (thanks to all of your support we may do that in the first half of the year), and have the shop paying for itself. In terms of paying for itself, we just want to hit a break even point on the power, tools, maintenance, and materials that we are going through.

Beyond that I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season and a wonderful new year! Wishing you all the very best! -Rob

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