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A year gone...upgrading wood shop

Thanks for visiting our small shop and checking in on the family. We have not been able to be as active as we want due to some family illnesses that happened causing a lot of time to be spent driving back and forth. Then just general sickness related to kids and daycare, but everyone is back on their feet now!

Looking forward into 2024 as we wrap up 2023, with our move completed from Alabama to Georgia, the plan is to double down on this hobby turned side business to get as much as we can from it. We plan to start shipping products, making more, advertising more, and just in general running a business properly.

How to Get in Touch with Lick Log Acres
Woodworking Shop Contact Information

Over the last year we have moved states, and spent a bit of money to upgrade and expand the size of the wood shop. With this expansion, as money starts to come in, we will be purchasing a laser to partner with the CNC. We are not busy enough to hire employees yet, hoping the kids can start pitching in soon, so we will keep trying to put in automation where we can. Check in through the coming weeks for more products and regular updates to the website and blog!

All the space we created for activities
Upgraded Wood Shop

Don't forget to check out the social accounts where we are much more active!

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