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Filling out tax sheets on my birthday....

As the year gets near the end, find myself on a Saturday night (and coincidentally my 37th birthday) doing the extremely exciting task of...filling out my Business Profit / Loss worksheet for my #smallbusiness ! Gotta get ready for that tax season that's right around the corner. Time to dig out all those receipts that failed to make it to the scanner and get organized. First year was nothing but loss monetarily, but hit some other key milestones:

1. Moved states.

2. Expanded shop space.

3. Picked up new necessary tools / equipment.

4. Streamlined website.

5. Grew social accounts.

6. Personal and professional skills development.

Hopefully, this new year will come in with less family illness / emergencies and leave more time to stay on task. #woodworking #homesteading

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